next events

    • Summer Club Lollipop - Kumanovo, Macedonia - July 19th 14
    • Revolution Bar |daily| - Kumanovo, Macedonia - July 19th 14
    • Kruna Cafe - Kavadarci, Macedonia - July 18th 14
    • Art Cafe - Aporea - Prilep, Macedonia - July 11th 14
    • Heineken Relive Festival vol.5 - Tetovo, Macedonia - July 5th 14
    • Club Lollipop - Kumanovo, Macedonia - June 21th 14
    • Escape Cafe - Radovis, Macedonia - June 13th 14
    • PR cafe - Strumica, Macedonia - June 7th 14
    • Zmija Revolved - Skopje, Macedonia - May 16th 14
    • Room Mate Aitana - Amsterdam, Netherlands - May 3rd 14
    • Club MAF MAF - Strumica, Macedonia - May 9th 14
    • Angels Cafe - ┼átip, Macedonia - May 10th 14

    recent/popular tracks

    • new! Disconnected (2Tracks EP) Beatport - May 17th 14
    • Dzina Papas Dzoksi - Na Veligden (Easter Remix) - Apr 11th 14
    • 60min Deep Delights - Apr 9th 14
    • Guest Mix OverSound Radio - Mar 29 14
    • Foltin - Vezilka (Remix) - Feb 27 14
    • Oliver Petkovski - Scatter Brain - Sep 03 12

Electronic Music Producer & DJ
From TheRepublicof Macedonia



The Story

Oliver Petkovski comes from Skopje, Macedonia, Europe. His first instrument was accordion, yep true story. His current instrument of choice is his keyboard (using the software Fruity Loops). He first started as a DJ in 1995 playing the popular dance music of that time. A few years later, he started playing electronic music. Soon after 2005, Oliver started producing mixed genres of music, from house to trance. Around 2010, his sound and style was formed where he gave priority to club music and its sub-genre styles like tech and deep house as well as progressive house to specifically accentuate the melody. In 2011, he signed for Spanish label Tainted Buddah Records. He has released dozens of tracks with them.

From here Oliver starts florishing and bluming in all directions. He starts experimenting with Macedonian etno melody incorporated in his modern view of music. He creates dozen of such tracks which gain him finaly popularity in his own country. He also starts reworking legendary tracks like for example 'Eddie Amador - Not everyone understands house music'. Today, his heart is in the progressive and house music. Oliver's dearest track is 'Scatter Brain', through for whitch had great response amongst the progressive music conossuers. Oliver just came back from Amsterdam, which was his trip outside of Macedonia and her awesome Balkan neighrbourhood.